Landlord and Tenant Board

If you feel that:

  • your rights as a Tenant were violated, or
  • if you are a Landlord suffering from the "Bad Tenant"

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The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) resolves:

  • disputes between residential landlords and tenants
  • eviction applications filed by non-profit housing co-operatives

The Residentual Tenancy Act, 2006 (RTA) applies to landlords and tenants of all residential renatal units in Ontario. The Landlord and tenant Board is the decision-maling body created by the RTA. The board deals with virtually all residential landlord-tenant and rent disputes in Ontario.


The RTA governs all aspects of all residential tenancies in Ontario, including the relationship between landlords and residential tenants, the amount of rent permitted to be charged, and permissible rent increases.

Relationship issues include

  • the creation of a tenancy;
  • the tenancy agreement;
  • the right to remain in occupation following the termination date of a tenancy unless grounds for eviction exist;
  • eviction proceedings;
  • rights on terminations for repair or renovations;
  • assignments and sublets of tenancies;
  • entry;
  • changing locks;
  • maintenance, repair, vital service, and cleanliness obligations;
  • remedies for harassment by a landlord;
  • selecting tenants;
  • eviction proceedings, including grounds and procedures; and
  • special rules for care home rental units, mobile home sites, and land lease sites.

Rent-related issues include

  • application of RTA;
  • lawful rent determination;
  • lawful rent increases;
  • impact on rents when services are added or removed;
  • rent decreases for certain property tax decreases;
  • rent-discounting rules; and
  • notice requirements.

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