Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

EVP Legal Service provides legal service to either Employer or Injured Worker.

If you are the employer:

If you have an injured worker, you would like to have a representative who will fill in all paperwork on your behalf and will keep everything related to the claim under control. It may include but not limited: Work Transition Plan, Reconsideration, Appeals.

If you are the Injured Worker:

We believe that the person who has been hurt or injured must be compensated fairly.

You will need someone to guide you through all paperwork and forms required by the WSIB.

Your case May involve and we will help in:

• Loss of Earnings (LOE) benefits;

• Future Economic Loss Awards (FEL);

• Non-Economic Loss (NEL);

• Return to work/work transition and disputes;

• Survivor benefits – in the event of a job-related death;

• WSIB reconsiderations;

• WSIAT appeals;

• occupational disease;

• repetitive strain and stress injuries;

• chronic pain;

and other disputes arising from WSIB decisions or actions.

EVP legal service are committed to protecting your rights as a hard-working employee who was injured on the job. We can also provide valuable advice about whether you are also entitled to short-term disability benefits under your disability insurance policy. DO NOT SIGN anything about your Worker’s Compensation claim unless you speak with a legal representative.

DO NOT SIGN any paperwork regarding a settlement or a permanent disability rating unless you have consulted with a paralegal regarding your rights.

Ready to proceed with the WSIB claim? Who do you need to call?

Take advantage of our first free consultation and use our mobile service. If YOU are INJURED, it is PAINFUL to move throughout the city – WE CARE about your pain and suffer – WE COME to your door! Legal service your door!

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